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The community support carried us a long way at Rafa Nadal Academy in Spain.  Thanks for allowing S.A.F.E. the opportunity to help a 16 year old see the other side of the world, learn and play some tennis. That is what S.A.F.E. represents, education, recreation and cultural enrichment.  As you can imagine, it was Jacob's first time out of the country, and he played some unbelievable tennis. We spent two days in Barcelona, where he trained and played practice matches. Then we were off to Mallorca - aka "Rafa Nadal's Island" - Rafa's Academy is based on developing young kids ages 4+ to become good people even if they do not become tennis pros. The tennis format in Mallorca was similar to the Davis Cup. Some US kids played against RAFA NADAL Academy kids. Everyone played for UTR points. Jacob played three matches, lost 1, then played the #2 16 y/o of RNA. He lost the 1st set, then he got some encouraging words such as "all flights are canceled," which means take your time, slow down, and relax. "Rash-Rash" means get all over him like a Rash, and "1-point at a time" means move your feet/watch the ball. Then the light bulb came on, and everything we had discussed 1st serves/returns and consistency came into play. He won the 2nd set & won 11-9 t/b. He  figured it out about making adjustments. It was so refreshing for me to witness. He made his family, community and school very proud!

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